Punk Spring

by Josefin Orving | May 14, 2013

Punk is in the air this spring and we are very excited as punk is chicfreak and we love it and always have!!

The music and fashion of this period is raw and personifies the stinky bowels of 70's New York.

Patti Smith, Ramones and Sex Pistols are all icons that keep living on, although not many of the original line ups are still with us! 

Wild Horses is one of our favourite albums here and it gets played still over and over again! 

The Clash we love.

There is a movie out later this year: CBGB ( Country Bluegrass Blues ) that is promising to deliver some real insight into the inferno like goings on there.

There is also a book worth checking Richard Hell's "I dreamed I was a very clean tramp" out this year.

Patti SMiths somewhat fuzzy lens memoirs also worth a read: Just Kids.

Pull out you holed knits, pinned jeans and tartan check, binbag tops and here we go ... 

Watch out for punk this spring in fashion and music.

Chic Freak X

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